Interior Decorative Concrete

Choose a Stylish Flooring Option

Add decorative concrete flooring to your home in Dubuque, IA

When people think of concrete, they often picture dull gray driveways and cookie-cutter sidewalks. However, concrete can be much more than this. Polished concrete is quickly becoming a favorite flooring option for homeowners who don't want to sacrifice style for durability.

If you're interested in having decorative concrete flooring installed in the Dubuque, IA area, Maussco is the company for you. We also provide interior concrete coating, resurfacing and repair services.

What makes polished concrete flooring such a great choice?

You've got plenty of choices for flooring materials, but polished concrete may be your best bet! Decorative concrete flooring is a great option because:

  • It requires minimal maintenance and upkeep
  • It is a durable, hard-surface flooring option
  • It's available in a wide range of colors and styles
  • It has a relatively low cost of installation
  • It's resistant to water damage

We'd be glad to walk you through the design process. Reach out today to discuss all the details of your beautiful custom flooring.